What is Little & Curious?

Little & Curious provides high quality, educational and fun activity kits for children aged 4-10. Each activity is designed to tap into your child’s creativity and includes additional Explore and Inspire ideas to further your child’s involvement and entertainment. Everything you need to have quality time with your child is delivered to your doorstep! We want to save busy parents money, time and energy!

What is included in an activity kit?

Each kit includes:

  • The required materials for the project,
  • Instructions on how to complete the craft,
  • An Explore card that guides different ways to use your project or learn new information about the kit’s theme
  • An Inspire card with a do-it-yourself activity related to the theme to keep the fun lasting for hours.

For what ages is Little & Curious appropriate?

Little & Curious kits are colour-coded to indicate supervisionWe offer kits to two different age groups: 4-6 year olds and 7-9 year olds. Our kits have been tested by kids to make sure they appeal to different ages and genders and are developmentally appropriate.  Because our kits are open ended, some kits apply to both ages.  We use a colour coded traffic light system that lets parents know how much supervision is suggested for a kit. 






  • Red means it is essential for safety that an adult supervise.
  • Yellow suggests that some tasks like cutting may be difficult for some children.
  • Green means make yourself a cup of tea and let your child go for it.

Is Little & Curious a New Zealand company?

Little & Curious is 100% Kiwi owned and operatedWe are 100% Kiwi owned and operated company based in West Auckland. All our supplies are bought locally and the kits are assembled here in NZ. We are proud to keep it that way.