Our Services

Birthday Parties

Crafting Birthday parties are unique and bring a different ‘flavour’ to a child’s special days. Our parties can be tailored around your needs, wishes, budget and size of the group. We will bring everything to get the party started and will keep the children busy in a fun and entertaining way. We have a number of kits that can be selected to be the heart of the party and we can also help you select the most suitable one based on the party theme or your child’s preference.

Holiday Workshops

These workshops offer a fun and creative way to keep your children busy during the holidays. Our workshops span several days during school holidays and the activities center around our crafting kits, which are included in the price and all their work is to take home and keep. We will also play games and use dance and music to brighten up the day.

School Workshops

We can bring the crafting kits to your school or preschool and offer a two hour Create and Explore workshop for your classes. We will liaise with the teacher to discuss the most suitable crafting kit and we will bring all the supplies you need. Crafting helps to develop fine motor skills and incorporates key childhood development elements as creativity, memory, confidence and cultural awareness. All our activities have been especially developed to align with Te Whariki and the NZ primary school curriculum.

For more information or to request a quote please contact us at info@littleandcurious.co.nz